After class 12th, there are also career options for science students from whom you were so far unknown!

After class 12th, there are also career options for science students from whom you were so far unknown!

After class 12th, there are also career options for science students from whom you were so far unknown!
After class 12th, there are also career options for science students from whom you were so far unknown!

After 12th, there are many questions in the minds of the students regarding the kind of streams, choose which stream, enroll in professional courses or get a traditional degree etc. After graduation from Science stream, students often want to become doctors or engineers. At the same time, there are some students who are not interested in becoming a doctor or engineer, but they do not understand any other options besides them and they are confused about their careers. Students are unaware of the fact that science is a very large stream in which there are not many choices but one or two. Through this article, we will tell your students about some of the same options that will help you to achieve a different position in your career.

Following are the list of important and trending courses after 12th standard for students of science:

1. Engineering

Almost every science student who passes the 12th standard in mind, the first course that comes to mind is engineering. This option science is one of the traditional courses available for students whose main reason is the growing demand for engineers in every field of the industry.

From long-long highways, bridges and skyscrapers to automobiles and telecommunication, engineers are required in every effort to raise the level of life of the person. Therefore, jobs can never be lacking in the field of engineering.

2. Medicine

This science is the second most popular stream among students. After getting a doctor’s degree in difficult subjects, till the main course of the entrance test for MBBS, there are many job opportunities available in private and government hospitals before the students, who have the status of being the second form of God Along with it, there is good earning as well.

3. Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is present in the form of the best option for students who are not able to do MBBS or are unable to enroll for some reason. There are many important career options like Homeopathy, Greek, Ayurveda, which you can establish as a Doctor. In addition to Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, there are courses like Yoga, Physiotherapy, which you can choose according to your interest.

4. Biotechnology

The area of ​​biotechnology is best for students interested in research and technology. The use of bio technology is increasing from agriculture to modern industries. Where industrial areas are used in this field, food and beverages, textiles, medicines and pharmaceuticals etc., on the other hand, this science is used in areas such as agriculture, animal husbandry, nutrition and environmental protection. After school, students can do undergraduate programs such as BSc, BE, BTech. It will be better to do an MBA after learning technical knowledge as well as to learn management skills.

5. Astro-Physics

The moon-stars world has been astonishing every student since childhood. At the same time some students are particularly interested in stars and galaxies. After passing 12th from Science stream for such students, it will be very successful to choose exciting career in astro-physics. For this, you will have to take a B.Sc. degree in which physics and mathematics in your subjects will be the main subjects. After this, masters reason would be appropriate for mastering their area. After doing doctorate in astrophysics, students can work as a scientist in Research Organization like ISRO.

6. Dairy Science

After a few years of independence, after the milk revolution launched in India, there was a lot of growth in the dairy industry. The result of this is that in the field of dairy production in the world today, India is second only after America. The main jobs related to this area are: Milk Production, Processing, Packaging, Storage and Distribution. In order to get employment in this field, students will be admitted to the course of Dairy Technology after passing the Entry Examination on All India Basis, which is of five years, including six months internship.

After doing diploma, B.Tech or Post Graduate course in Dairy Technology, students can get attracted wages while working as a quality engineer or researcher at any dairy plant.

7. Robotic Science

The robot is an ‘electromechanical machine’, which does any work on its own based on the installed computer or electronic programming. Today it has been used in almost every field, such as Heart Surgery, Car Assembling, Space Search, Defense Field, Landmines, etc. You can enter some specialization courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Advanced Robotics System etc. after having passed the 12th class from Science for coming to this field. Robotics can prove to be the best course in careers and salaries because of the growing development in the field of technology.

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