General Science – Physics MCQs Question And Answer

General Science – Physics MCQs Question And Answer

General Science - Physics MCQs Question And Answer
General Science – Physics MCQs Question And Answer

1. Which of the following is responsible for the fact that Tennis ball bounces higher at high altitudes than in plains?

[A] Low Gravity

[B] High Gravity

[C] Less dense air

[D] Low atmospheric temperature


Answer: C


2. Which among the following the correct English Official name of CERN ( Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire)?


[A] European Organization for Nuclear Research

[B] European Council for Nuclear Research

[C] European Center for Nuclear Research

[D] European Nuclear Research organization


Answer: A


3. In which of the following states is located the Indian Astronomical Observatory?


[A] Karnataka

[B] Uttar Pradesh

[C] Maharashtra

[D] Jammu & Kashmir


Answer: D


4. The asteroid belt is a region of the Solar System located roughly between the orbits of which among the following planets?

[A] Earth & Mars

[B] Mars & Jupiter

[C] Jupiter and Saturn

[D] Saturn and Pluto


Answer: B


5. What is the focal length of a concave lense with number -5D?


[A] 5 cm

[B] 10 cm

[C] 15 cm

[D] 20 cm


Answer: D


6.In context with the Defense of India, Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) Projects are related to which among the following?


[A] Nuclear Capable Missiles

[B] Nuclear Capable Submarines

[C] Aircraft Career Ships

[D] Amphibious warfare vessels

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Answer: B


7. Which among the following compound is most commonly used in the Photochromic lenses?


[A] Potassium Dichromate

[B] Silver Chloride

[C] Potassium ferrate

[D] Ferric Chloride


Answer: B


8.The name of Robert Watson-Watt is associated with which among the following inventions?


[A] Steam Engine

[B] Electric Bulb

[C] Radar technology

[D] Microwaves


Answer: C


9. Phobos and Deimos are the natural satellites of which of the following planets?


[A] Mars

[B] Saturn

[C] Jupiter

[D] Earth


Answer: A


10. Which among the following can be measured with Anemometer?


[A] Water Velocity

[B] Wind Velocity

[C] Relative Humidity

[D] Absolute Humidity


Answer: B


11. CDRI is among the thirty eight laboratories that are functioning under the aegis of the council of scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) of India. Where is located CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute)?


[A] Bhopal

[B] Lucknow

[C] Kolkata

[D] Bangalore


Answer: B



12.Which among the following types of glasses contains Cerium and other rare earths and has a high absorption of ultraviolet rays?


[A] Crookes Glass

[B] Pyrex Glass

[C] Flint Glass

[D] Crown Glass


Answer: A


13. If in a closed room , the door of a refrigerator is kept open for some time , the temperature of room will ?


[A] Increase

[B] Decrease

[C] Remains same

[D] First decrease then become stable


Correct Answer: A


14. Zero point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may have. “Who among the following proposed this concept?


[A] Max Planck

[B] Albert Einstein and Otto Stern

[C] Hendrik B. G. Casimir

[D] Gribbin, John


Answer: B


15. India’s first Nobel Prize for Physics was claimed in 1930 by the renowned physicist Sir C.V. Raman for his work in which among the following fields?


[A] Particle Physics

[B] Optics

[C] Thermodynamics

[D] Quantum Mechanics


Answer: B


16. Any moving object on earth finally comes to rest due to which among the following?


[A] Gravity

[B] Friction

[C] Inertia

[D] Motion


Answer: B


17. Which among the following is used to listen and record underwater sounds?


[A] Altimeter


[C] Hydrophone



Answer: C


18. In which year, Government of India launched the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program?


[A] 1981

[B] 1983

[C] 1990

[D] 1999


Answer: B


19. The term “Isopycnic” is most closely defined by which among the following?


[A] Two places with same atmospheric pressure

[B] Two liquids with same viscosity

[C] Two liquids with same density

[D] Two places with same temperature


Answer: C


20. Which among the following kinds of glass is used generally in making of the Bullet proof screens?


[A] Pyrex glass

[B] Jena glass

[C] Reinforced Glass

[D] Flint Glass


Answer: C


21. Crystals of which of the following naturally-occuring substance exhibits both ‘pyroelectric’ and ‘piezoelectric’ properties making it versatile for application in the field of electronics?


[A] Quartz

[B] Mica

[C] Topaz

[D] grapite


Answer: A


22. When two mercury drops are brought into contact they form a single bigger drop to get which of the following?


[A] Minimum volume

[B] Minimum surface area

[C] Maximum size

[D] Maximum surface area


Answer: B


23. Which among the following character of mercury makes it suitable to use in barometers instead of water?


[A] Low density and low vapor pressure

[B] High density and high vapor pressure

[C] Low density and good conductor of heat

[D] High density and low vapor pressure


Answer: D


24. When a barometer is taken down in a coal mine , which of the following happens with the Mercury level in the tube?


[A] rises

[B] falls

[C] falls then rises

[D] remains unaltered


Answer: A


25. SOFAR is a phenomenon which plays an important role in submarine warfare & also known as deep sound channel. Which of the following is correct full form of SOFAR?


[A] Sound Field Radio Ranging

[B] Sound Fixing and Altering Range

[C] Sound Fixing and Ranging channel

[D] Sound Fixing and Auto Reflection


Answer: C

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