How to get the best results in the exam? Learn 7 these things

How to get the best results in the exam? Learn 7 these things

How to get the best results in the exam? Learn 7 these things
How to get the best results in the exam? Learn 7 these things

Do you often fall in the dilemma of studying as soon as you are examining whether to read, where to start or how much? Do you find yourself lost among books of many topics? This only happens when you study without regular basis and try to flip the flag directly into the finals and then feel yourself failing at the end. Actually, the best results can not be achieved by hard work of one day only. It does not mean that you should be studying all day or just book work If they go, but if you study went from everyday just two or three hours in a planned manner can achieve the best results l

1. List all topics according to their preference

When creating an effective timetable, your first task will be to prepare a list of them according to the priority of all subjects. L Priority should be given based on your interests or their difficulty level. It will make it easier to guess that Subject is given less time or subject to more time. In subjects where you find yourself weak or those topics which require strict education Keep them at the top so that they can set more time for them in the time table. Also, do not forget to study powerful subjects, which are good for you.

2. Know what you have to read in each subject

After preparing the list according to their priority of topics, the next thing will be to know about the important topics present in those topics. This means that before reading a topic, you know so much Take out which of them are important topics which you can give enough time. Every day in the school with the courses taught in class You will know for sure about which topic is important to which you can go home and repeat. You will have to remove time so that you can repeat the important subjects taught in your daily activities so that the topic can be repeated in your mind. Become sure

3. Mark all work done according to the time table

This means that a small detail of how much you have read during each level is definitely written in front of that level of the time table. In this, you have to write about which level you have read while at which stage you will be reading this next. So you will be absolutely clear that from where you now have to start reading and you will be able to make a plan for further progress.

4. Include non-academic activities in your time table

Your brain may be tense due to long periods of reading. This results in both your physical and mental brain development in the wrong way, so take a break in every study session, in which you do any work other than studies, to overcome physical or mental fatigue and get refreshing. In these tasks, Such as painting, singing, blogging, etc. or during any sport or athletics such as cricket, football, running, swimming You can learn what can become a part of your eligibility for future. Therefore if you sit for two hours daily, then break this level in an hour and between 25-30 minutes intervals Take the l

5. Try reading a time of every day

While creating a time table, be sure to comprehend this. Let us compile the time table in such a way that keeping in mind the other functions of the Daily Routine after coming to school, you can set a specific time to study l. Something like this is that you can sit everyday for study at almost the same time. Will it happen that according to the daily routine, your mind will be prepared for reading and will be ready Studying like other works of the other will be included in your habits.

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