If the board is to be topped in the exam then be sure to learn the success of the toppers

If the board is to be topped in the exam then be sure to learn the success of the toppers

1. Keep distance from social network

While preparing for board exams of 10th and 12th, you should keep distance from the social network, because they waste most of your time. You will often think that 5 minutes if notifications and chat will happen, but if you Note how many times your notifications are checked in 24 hours, the total time will be very high.

2. Always keep your concepts clear

If you read something today and you have a dilemma, then clear it on the same day. Today’s work should never be avoided tomorrow. As we know, the topics in the 10th and especially the 12th class are interlaced with each other. If you do not understand a topic today, maybe you can not understand the topic associated with it tomorrow, if you read it.

3. Always keep a plan and stick to it strictly

If you have to study more in less time then nothing will be achieved without planning. Therefore, making the right study plan before study is the first and foremost step.

You should have an hourly plan of the next whole day, the next day you must keep in mind that you are able to complete the plans or targets set by night, or if you have any exam If you have to clear in one year then you must have a full year (every one month) study plan. However, the whole year (or every month’s) study plan is just a template (or blue print).

The most important thing is that what you are going to do the next day, you have to make the whole plan of it in the night. The next day, you must keep in mind that you have completed the plans or targets set by you in time. Is it or not

Aditya Jain, 3rd Topper of CBSE 12th 2017 Board Exam, used to study throughout the day and checked his progress at night.

4. Always keep new syllabus together

To earn knowledge, it is one thing to study and preparing for the board exam. Secondly, while preparing for the board exam, keep a new syllabus with you, prepare the ones that are in the chapters or topic syllabus. During the preparation of board exams Those chapters or topics that are not in the syllabus give them time to work, only read them when you have time.

5. Always do a productive study

The most important thing is that in the preparation of any examination, as long as you are studying, productive studies. Productive study here means more output in less time.

Aditya Jain, 3rd Topper of CBSE 12th 2017 Board Exam, said in an interview that it does not matter how many hours you sit for study but the difference will be that how long do you have a productive study. Study with concentration.

6. Never underestimate your health

You have prepared for the year’s examination but if you get sick after the exam day you will not be able to give 100 percent. Therefore, during the preparation of the exam, you are asked to take yoga, exercise and balanced exercise. You should definitely take a break, so that you can stay relaxed and study. Stay away from reading late in the night, from this, the memory is weak. By doing exercise, the mind is tight and distant Keeps tight and the ability to remember things increases. If not more than 15 to 20 minutes time should be given for the health of himself. L Board boarders also told us that they made a distance from social media, but did not make the distance from sports, according to their ability to read health Has a great effect

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