Make these apps easy to study

Make these apps easy to study

Make these apps easy to read
Make these apps easy to read


Evernote is a very useful app. It can be used for many things. But college and school students can use it to make their study useful. Students can use it especially to prepare notes. You can make Daily Note in Modern Mode. With the note you can also use audio, video and picture. You can create group projects in Evernote and most importantly it can be said that by recording the lectures taken in college, you can integrate it. Evernote can also be used from mobile and desktop.

Cam scanner

when colleges have to share notes with any students, then they start searching for a photostat shop in the vicinity. But this work can also be done through a cam scanner. The cam scanner absolutely feels the scanner. The app is also very easy to use. Save the scanned files in JPEG and PDF formats and share it with friends. This app is available for free on Google Play Store.

One Drive and Microsoft Office

This Microsoft application can also be useful for Android users. Best of all, it can be said that in the app you can get the feeling like desktop. In this you can easily create, share and edit Power Point, Excel and MS Word files.

Google Docs

If you are an Android user, you can use Google Docs to make your study easier. It is equipped with many features. In it you can make a document and edit it along with another document and coloborate. Here you can easily edit your prepared documents on mobile or on the web easily. You can also share your document and work with others. You can also work on this without internet connection. Your work here automatically gets saved, so the work you prepared will not go anywhere. In Google Dock and Sheet, you can see the data in different styles and colors.

Smart voice recorder

The smart voice recorder app can prove to be great for students. In this you can listen to your college or tuition lecture and later hear it. It is often seen that during the lecture, students can not focus more on lectures in the speed of writing / notes. In such a way, you can make notes by recording in the phone comfortably. The most important thing in the app can be that you can transfer the recorded voice to the PC and also share it with Bluetooth. It also has the facility of recording in the card with background record.

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