Special information regarding admission to CBSE correspondence school

Special information regarding admission to CBSE correspondence school

Special information regarding admission to CBSE correspondence school
Special information regarding admission to CBSE correspondence school

There are many ways in India to move forward in education. On the other hand, if we talk, there are many reasons why a student can not get an opportunity to complete his studies such as – Fails in the 9th or 11th and does not continue their studies thereafter. At the same time there are also some reasons or circumstance, due to which the students have to leave the studies in the middle. However, there are many such students who are economically weaker and it is difficult for them to take a school class every day. Because they have to earn money for their family as well as their studies. Apart from this, some students are unable to study regular school due to absence of school expanses or schools near their home.

Looking at all these reasons, we can estimate that many times students can not go ahead due to not getting the right opportunity for education. But if we talk about CBSE correspondence school, then it provides education opportunities to many such students.

Now the first question is what will be the CBSE correspondence school of the students?

One of the biggest objectives of CBSE correspondence is that ‘education should be for everyone and there too where education is not accessible’. This correspondence is available to students of both CBSE and private schools. The correspondence school was transferred to the students who were unable to issue their studies in school for some reason, and also helped in the study of economically weaker girls also.

With the help of CBSE correspondence, students can save their precious years such as:

Students who do not attend school regularly They can complete their studies through CBSE correspondence.
Under this, regular classes are available to students of CBSE Correspondence, CBSE Private School and CBSE Open Learning Program.

Those students who have left or have not passed in Senior Secondary and Secondary Examination, they can take admission in the correspondence school without wasting time. How can education students get from correspondence schools? Registration facility is available for the following categories:

1. Failure / dropout male and female students.

2. The students who have gap gap in studies for some time

3. The students who have left the CBSE Board or any recognized board of the school in the middle or have failed in the examination.

4. Who is a resident of Delhi city.

5. The young people of the country who are stationed in the remote area.

Now the question arises that when all these students are eligible to study in correspondence, then what will happen to the medium of education Medium education?

Teachers of the correspondence school teach students through Hindi, English and Punjabi medium. So that students should not face any kind of problem.

What are eligibility criteria for admission in Patrachar School?

Eligibility Criteria for Class XII:

(A) After passing Class 10 examination from any accredited / CBSE board, in the class XII due to failure of class XI on the basis of the original SLC / TC, determined by gap gap of at least one year or education officer / competent authority Students can get admission.


Students who have passed XI or equivalent examination from CBSE or any recognized school, are eligible for admission in class XII.

(B) Students who have failed in CBSE / any other accredited school in any examination in class 12th or in front of them, can enroll in class 12th here.

Eligibility Criteria for Class 10th:

If the student who has passed / failed in class 9th or passed from class 8th (the entire one year interval) from any accredited school, then after the failure in class 10th, the correspondence can take admission in class 10th through the school. .


Those students who have completed Class 9th primary education, can take admission in class 10th through affidavit.

Some commonly asked questions about CBSE Patrachar:

Is there any difference between the students of ‘CBSE Correspondence’ and ‘CBSE Private School’?

Correspondence School, CBSE Correspondence, CBSE Correzzonding and CBSE Pvt. Offer Students can select any of these three modes according to their own. Thus, ‘CBSE Pvt’ is also considered under correspondence.

Is CBSE correspondence certificate valid in all India?

Yes! Because correspondence students also receive CBSE accredited certificates which students of other CBSE Private Schools get. The only difference is that the school name of the students of the CBSE Private School is also mentioned and the school certificate / certificate is given by the CBSE only for the students of the correspondence and it is available in any competitive examination, job or institution. To apply is valid throughout India.

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